38 years' experience, Since 1978

Established in 1978, and founded in Jiangsu province,China, CEEF (Changzhou Energy Engineering Co., Ltd.) is recognized in their industry as one of the most state of the art innovative companies specializing in the production of energy saving and environmental protection products. The company is one of the largest designer and manufacturer of complex heat transfer equipment in China, with a primary focus on thermal fluid (hot oil) heaters.

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With a simple mission statement of 100% customer satisfaction, and a focus on both the design, development, and manufacture of quality heat transfer products, as well as compliance with industry standards, CEEF presents with such distinguishable technical partnerships alongside such well know companies as BERTRAMS in Switzerland, and Belgium's WINKEY company, and is the product base in Asia for both.

Recognized as China's biggest research and development company for their thermal oil heaters, CEEF continues to supply their environmentally safe products to customers worldwide. As the forerunner in the field of industrial heaters in China, CEEF has been primarily responsible for drafting China's National Standard for Thermal Oil Heater "GB/T17410-2008","Industrial Standard for Marine Thermal Oil Heater "GB/T3954-2002", and the Organic Heat Transfer Heater Safety and Technical Supervision Regulation.

CEEF undertook scientific and technical projects entrusted by the country, and went on to become the chief support of the National Great Technological Promotion Project for thermal fluid heaters. Currently they have distributed over 10,000 thermal fluid heaters of various types driven by coal, powdered coal (coal dust), gas, oil, biomass, and electricity with the capability of a heat output of 24kw to 35,000kw (80K to 120MM BTU/HR). Satisfying customers across the overseas market, which accounts for 30% of its total earnings, from the main lands of China ,Taiwan and Hong Kong, to Japan, Indonesia, Thailand, and Viet Nam, CEEF finds the largest number of dominant customers to yield from America, Europe and East Asia. Their most common representative customers include: Hydro-Chem (America); Linde Group (Germany); Shell Group (Netherlands); Indorama (India); Nan Ya Plastice Corporation (Taiwan); Pakistan Limited (Pakistan); JGC Corporaton (Japan); Accurate Technologies (Thailand); and Top Glove Corporation (Malaysia)

With an award winning presence for both customer service and quality products, and their vision of "developing the company with technology," coupled with their company slogan "Practice, innovation, and excellence," CEEF, having been in business for over 40 years, continues to deliver top of the line products that have earned them the title of the most prominent enterprise in all of Jiangsu province. Boasting with some of the most experienced, highly skilled engineers and technicians in the industry, the company prides itself on its outstanding technology research institute comprised of technical personnel of the highest caliber, and capturing a distinct position in the forefront of the technology based industry.

The company, with its successful history of design, development, and manufacture of heat transfer product has been the recipient of many civic, provincial, and ministerial awards in years past, including the the "Jiangsu Province Famous Brand" award for its products. With its experienced senior management, its team of highly skilled professional engineers and consultants, as well as a dedicated and loyal support team, the continued efforts and overall goals and objectives of CEEF is to make ongoing contributions to both the energy saving industry as well as the environmental protection industry, through its intense and rigorous research, as well as the continuous development of innovative products.

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